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"The memory of being here with you
s one I'm gonna take my life through"

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The Wanted Performing ‘Show Me Love’ On The X Factor UK (HD)

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I still cant believe this like the feels are reallly bad right now

If you know these guys, and know what’s been going on the last few months, this is pretty fucking cool.

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The show is scripted, they create drama. They set up situations. So stop acting like everything you see on that show is real. It’s not. 

Do you not know how reality TV shows work?

And stop judging Siva and Nareesha. 

The creators at E! are really awful by making them the center of the drama.

Siva isn’t like the rest of the boys, that’s right. He doesn’t party and drink like they do. So what?! Not everyone considers that to be fun but for the show to try to make it seem like Siva doesn’t like hanging out with the rest of the band because of it? That’s ridiculous and totally fake.

Siva is the sensible one and thank god that he is and Nareesha is so wonderful and supportive of The Wanted. She’s been there through it all and her and Siva are happy with the decisions they make. 

Just because Scooter Braun convinced the boys to do this stupid reality show doesn’t mean that you as “fans” have any idea what really goes on in their lives. 

And I can’t believe I just wrote this because oh my god I don’t even care about this damn show but don’t mess with Siva and Nareesha, they don’t deserve it. 

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Basically the only part of The Wanted Life I enjoyed.

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